Privacy policy

Perfect Visit Privacy Policy: Holiday apartments for rent and vacation rentals

Perfect Visit is committed to protecting you and your family’s personal information when you are using our services, and will treat all personal data provided to us confidentially. This Privacy Policy relates to our use of the personal information you provide to us through our website.

1. What information will Perfect Visit collect about me?
Perfect Visit will not collect personal information from you without you knowingly and voluntarily providing it. When you request to be contacted by Perfect Visit, we ask you to provide personal details such as your name, email address, telephone or mobile number and postal address. When booking a property, we require a valid credit card number. This information is necessary to process and complete your reservation, and enables Perfect Visit to provide you with the services you request.

2. How will Perfect Visit use the information collected about me?
Perfect Visit will use your personal information to:

  • Contact you: We will use your name and contact details to provide you with any requested information or to correspond with you about (possible) bookings. We keep a record of all our correspondence with you.
  • Process your booking: In order to complete your booking, we may need to provide your name and contact details to the property owner, and your credit card details will be used to process booking fees.

3. Will I be contacted for marketing purposes?
Perfect Visit will not contact you for marketing-related purposes or to promote new services unless you specifically agree to be contacted for these purposes.

4. Will Perfect Visit share my personal information with anyone else?
Perfect Visit will keep your information confidential except where disclosure is required or permitted by law. In general, we will only use your information within Perfect Visit and, where necessary, will share this information with the owner of a property you have booked. Because we facilitate bookings for properties worldwide, there may be times when it is necessary to transfer your information outside of the European economic area.

5. How are my credit card details protected?
Bookings with Perfect Visit can be made using email, phone or fax. We ask you to provide credit card authorization details and will store this information in our secure booking system. We will not share this information with third parties except where disclosure is required or permitted by law. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information you provide is secure from unauthorized access once it reaches our servers.

6. What if I am aged 16 or under?
If you are aged 16 or under, please get your parent/guardian’s permission beforehand whenever you provide personal information to Perfect Visit’s website. Visitors without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information.

7. Can I find out what personal information Perfect Visit holds about me?
Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request a copy of the personal information Perfect Visit maintains about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. Before providing you with any personal information from our database, we will request photographic identification to verify your identity. You can also request that we remove your personal information from our database.

8. Changes to Perfect Visit’s Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may be updated periodically so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information.

9. Contact 
Perfect Visit B.V. is fully responsible for maintaining and processing the personal data collected from our website. Perfect Visit is a private limited liability company incorporated under Dutch law, with offices at Entrepotdok 25, 1018 AD Amsterdam. Please contact us with any questions or comments. We operate in accordance with Dutch Data Protection regulations.