Amsterdam is the historic home of Perfect Visit and the main business hub of the Netherlands. Amsterdam welcomes in excess of 5 million visitors per year who book over 10 million nights.

Below is the list of neighborhoods in Amsterdam:

In addition to being the seat of the Dutch government, The Hague has been successful in attracting large corporations and European governmental institutions alike. The Peace Palace, the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice are just a coupleof the over 150 international organizations that are based here. With its picturesque inner city and wide open spaced suburbs, The Hague is an excellent city to spend time in, especially for larger families with kids, as Scheveningen Beach is just around the corner.

Rotterdam is a young, dynamic, international city with a passionately beating heart. The city keeps reinventing itself at a rapid pace, redefining and expanding its already impressive skyline every time you visit and presenting new cultural and sporting events to surprise and delight you.


Bordering the Amsterdamse Bos (forest) between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam, Amstelveen is a green, family-oriented city with a strong international influence. This makes Amstelveen especially popular with expats who have children. The International School of Amsterdam is located in Amstelveen and takes students from preschool level through to grade 12. It has a student population of over 1000 students from 53 countries. The multicultural factor is evident in the city centre and around the main Town Square where many restaurants offer delights from countries other than the Netherlands.

Schiphol Airport

With around 55 million travelers arriving in 2014, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has had its busiest year yet. And that’s not surprising as this state of the art airport is not only catering to travelers coming into the Netherlands, but also to the business person on a (short) stopover. To be able to service both these groups Perfect Visit has partnered with a major hotel chain, making staying in a serviced apartment near the airport a possibility. Combining the comfort of a home away from home with the ease of access to the Airport is a thing only Perfect Visit can offer!


Location in the middle of the Netherlands, Hilversum has historically been an ideal location for living close to Amsterdam, but in a different setting. Surrounded by forests and lakes Hilversum makes a perfect base for families wishing to have more space at their disposal. On the other hand Hilversum is a city in its own right where a lot of large multinationals are located. Perfect Visit has ventured in to the local serviced apartment market and is now pleased to offer a portfolio of high-quality apartments here.


As a member of the Big Four (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht) Utrecht has gone through an explosive growth over the last couple of years. More and more international organizations have chosen Utrecht as their base of operations, due largely to Utrecht´s central location and splendid public transport connections. Perfect Visit has been able to service these large organizations by providing short term housing solutions in Utrecht´s most sought-after neighborhoods at rates competing with the leading hotel chains.


Breda is a meeting place and networking city with an international allure. It owes this to its geographic location and infrastructure, a combination which creates the possibility of fast and efficient transport of people and goods. Since national border restriction have been relaxed, the city can exploit its international potential even better. It is not a coincidence that Breda plays a leading role in logistic processes.


Arnhem has an attractive geographical location in between Germany and the Amsterdam/Rotterdam conurbation and has good infrastructure connections, and an international school: all-in-all a great living environment. It is a varied ‘green’ city, and it is also a dynamic economic centre in the prosperous, innovative and ambitious city region Arnhem/Nijmegen. Arnhem offers a rich cultural climate, an attractive city centre with many offices and public services, and is home to a number of well-known (inter) national companies.


The city of Nijmegen is an interesting mix between the old and the new. Past and present go hand in hand; historic buildings are interspersed with fine examples of modern architecture. Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, is situated on a range of hills near the Waal river. The surrounding area features hills, woods and polders, creating a varied countryside offering a range of recreational opportunities to both citizens and tourists.


Venlo is a large city in the Netherlands, located near the German border and is part of the Limburg province. It is known as being ‘Europe’s Greenest City’ because of its commitment to greener policies and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. Venlo is known for having an affordable cost of living, lower than in many other parts of Western Europe. Expats moving to Venlo will find that it is possible to get around the city easily by bus or on foot, with a number of residents also choosing to travel by bicycle. The city has various rail and road links to other parts of the Netherlands and Germany as well as being located near the German airports of Dusseldorf and Weeze for travel further afield.


A city of about 100,000 inhabitants, Delft is located in the province of South Holland between The Hague and Rotterdam. It is a charming city of canals, cathedrals, university students and stately, old buildings. The Delft expat community is sizable, given the university and the city’s proximity to The Hague and Rotterdam. The closest international schools are located in The Hague and Rotterdam. The majority of neighborhoods in Delft have easy access to the motorway and public transport. With only a 15 min train ride to either Rotterdam or The Hague, many families choose to live in Delft, and commute to these larger cities for work, school, and pleasure.

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