Van Woustraat shopping street in De Pijp

De Pijp (‘The Pipe’) is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Amsterdam. It pulses with an energy that emerges from both its dynamic inhabitants and eager visitors. It is common to see the typical leaning houses from the 17th and 18th centuries that are so characteristic of the city of Amsterdam, although there are many modern spaces within De Pijp as well. Beautiful bridges arch gracefully over winding canals, the still water occasionally broken by the wakes of bird life or canal cruise boats. Located in the beautiful De Pijp district is the Van Woustraat shopping street, both trendy and animated.

What it is known for

Van Woustraat has a range of diverse stores that sell anything from antiques to clothing. Its store fronts are all very picturesque and charming, with many of them displaying their wares on wooden tables and hanging racks on the paved sidewalks. What is particularly wonderful about Van Woustraat is its specialty shops. For example, there is Yogisha, a store selling specifically yoga clothes, mats, and various yoga accessories from a range of designers, some of which have never been sold in the Netherlands before. Another example is Blond, a funky, avant garde home and interiors store that will bring a smile to your face with its delightful, unconventional products.

Something else to note about Van Woustraat shopping street are its incredible restaurants and cafes, most notably, Bazaar. Bazaar restaurant is very popular with the locals, and not without reason. Its Mediterranean and Middle Eastern meals are crafted by chefs of the highest caliber, and packed with zesty spices and mouthwatering flavors. Spread over two floors, the atmosphere is open, oriental, and easygoing.

Van Woustraat is also very popular with vintage enthusiasts. Stores such as Bubblekid provide its customers with opportunities to mix and match outfits that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. In a similar vein, there are many Bohemian styles to be found in Van Woustraat, catering to more particular tastes, such as the store Sjerpetine.

Popular stores in Van Woustraat

  • Costa Fashion
  • Betsy Palmer
  • Het is Liefde
  • Noor Mode en Schoenen
  • The Factory

How to get there

Trams from Centraal station travel south toward De Pijp, where Van Woustraat is located, as well as buses. Driving to Van Woustraat is also an option. We would personally recommend cycling to Van Woustraat if you really want to travel the ‘local’ way. There are plenty of places in Amsterdam that will rent a bicycle to you for a great price or you can also order it online here Bike rental via Tours & Tickets

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