Things to do with children in Amsterdam

Nemo Science Center

Nemo Science Center is a favorite for those who are looking for activities that are both fun and educational. The Museum building itself, an iconic ship-like building situated nearby the Amsterdam Central train station, is enough to tweak the curiosity of tourists of all ages. Nemo hosts a variety of exciting exhibitions ranging from ‘The search for life’, where kids can discover the secrets of all living things, to the laboratory, where they can participate in all sorts of fascinating chemistry experiments. After your museum visit, you can kick back on the Nemo roof and enjoy the beautiful city view.

Scheepvaart Museum

Another one of the fun, educational things to do with children in Amsterdam is to visit the Scheepvaart Museum. With an exact replica of an 18th century ship, kids can learn all about the history surrounding the Dutch exploration of the new world. Interesting, intriguing and inspiring: the Scheepvaart museum is definitely one of our top recommendations!

Artis Royal Zoo

The Artis Royal Zoo is an absolute gem for young animal lovers, and one of our top recommended things to do with children in Amsterdam. Standing outside its entrance, it is impossible to imagine the vast area it covers, and the variety of animals within. Just about any animal you can think of crawls, climbs and canters inside. Lions lazing in the sun, seals swimming in graceful arcs, elephants kicking up clouds of dust – Artis has it all! The zoo is divided up into sections that are both easy and pleasant to navigate; the pathways are decorated with gorgeous flora, statues and small, arched bridges over gentle waterways. More features of Artis include the Planetarium, the Aquarium, the Insectarium and the Butterfly pavilion, whose tiny, winged creatures lights the eyes of children with awe and amazement. Artis de Partis, the cute, cuddly mascot of Artis Royal Zoo, will be a perfect souvenir for your kids!


TunFun, located beneath the city streets of Mr Visserplein, is a perfect place for kids to expend all that youthful energy in a safe, yet exhilarating, environment. Kids of all ages can enjoy a range of activities, including skate carting, trampolines, and the ever-popular ball pits, of course! Fun Forest Kids who crave adventure would have the time of their lives at KlimPark Fun Forest; it is one of the more unique things to do with children in Amsterdam. Through various tree-top rope courses, kids can challenge themselves at their own pace, guided along by a friendly, supportive instructor. Fun Forest provides several levels which vary in difficulty, ensuring a fun and fulfilling experience for the whole family!


Amsterdam’s parks, such as Vondel Park, are always a great place to take your kids. Most parks in Amsterdam have jungle gyms or swing sets for kids to enjoy, and the wide, open spaces allow them to play along to their hearts’ content! Undertaking Amsterdam’s things to do with children will certainly reveal the city’s fun, adventurous side!

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