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Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels

Did you know that Serviced Apartments are the best alternative to really feeling at home when you are far away from home? This may sound like the opening line for holiday rental homes along the coast of Spain, but I assure you, it’s not. Please allow me to give you a brief insight into the world of Serviced Apartments as seen from our perspective. What does the term Serviced Apartments really mean and how do they differ from hotels?

How serviced apartments differ from hotels

We started offering Serviced Apartments in 2003 when our first client got in touch with our owner. The client had a major problem as the cost for putting his Indian IT team in hotels for a few months at a time was far exceeding his budget. What’s more, the client noticed that his employees were less productive when they stayed in small hotel rooms which, to their chagrin, only offered Western meals week after week. The client was looking for a more flexible solution.

That is how Perfect Visit began: with four fully- furnished apartments and a small front desk. For the client, Perfect Visit’s apartments gave his employees a sense of freedom, more space and the ability to cook for themselves. As the demand for Serviced Apartments grew, four apartments quickly became 20 apartments. We added in-house maintenance, bicycle rental services and other hotel facilities to the concept. Over the course of 11 years, Perfect Visit has grown significantly.

Currently, we offer over 2000 fully-furnished apartments, spread out over the Netherlands and we have bolstered our service with a 24-hour reception desk, a weekly cleaning service, fitness & wellness facilities and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Hotels are really only great for short visits, where such an option as cooking your own meals is not relevant. Serviced apartments give you a decent bed and on-demand service as well as the opportunity to settle in, even if you are only in town for a week. We give you the freedom of having your own house/apartment and the added bonus of hotel service.

So what about the price? You ask...

Serviced Apartments are actually cheaper than your average hotel (when rented for more than just a couple of days). This has everything to do with the flexibility of the concept. Not having services such as daily cleaning, a fully operational restaurant and room service greatly reduces the cost of renting a Serviced Apartment. And when you consider that, sharing these apartments is very common because the amount of space available, the cost is potentially cut in half.

What Serviced Apartments offer when compared to hotels

  • More space (more square meters, a full-sized kitchen, and multiple bedrooms)
  • More privacy
  • All-inclusive rates (relatively low compared to hotel rates because no daily cleaning, restaurant or room service charges are added)
  • Both short-term and long-term stays are available, starting from five nights up to a year-long stay.
  • The flexibility to create your own residence

If you would like to know how you can increase productivity of your personnel and save big on your hosting costs with our Serviced Apartments, please contact Perfect Visit at Our dedicated team is standing by to help you with any and all housing queries you may have. Please feel free to comment on this blog via the various social media channels, as we would love to know more about your experiences with Perfect Visit.

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