Languages of Amsterdam


Although many people think this is the same as German (Deutsch), this is absolutely not the case and most Dutch people will feel very insulted if you say that. However, most people are taught German, French and English in school. Especially in Amsterdam, most people will understand English and are happy to demonstrate it.

“Dutch is impossible to learn, it’s completely different from English, the grammar is very complicated, the Dutch sounds are impossible to pronounce and, after all, you don’t really need Dutch if you’re living in the Netherlands, because they all speak perfect English.” ( – from the book “the Undutchables” by Boucke and White)

In Amsterdam about 90% of the people will speak English quite well. Even German and French is spoken by many of the locals. However if you do want to try to speak Dutch, you can click here

Pronouncing the “G”: the Dutch g is very difficult for non-native speakers to pronounce. It is a bit like the laug of Ernie from Sesame Street. Here you can find tips of how to pronounce this sound. If all this fails, people will probably understand you if you just pronounce it the English way.

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