Jordaan restaurants: Top places to eat in Jordaan

The Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam is one of the city’s most beautiful, slightly more cosmopolitan areas. Scattered throughout are a range of wonderful restaurants.

Jordaan restaurants : Top places to eat in Jordaan

1) Balthazar’s Keuken
Located on the Elandsgracht, this restaurant in the Jordaan is bustling with feel-good vibes. It has an open kitchen, from which delicious aromas arise, and then drift pleasantly out over the diners. Balthazar’s Keuken specializes in international cuisine, but has a slight Parisian feel: charming, sophisticated, and a little romantic.

2) Bordewijk
With its wooden floors, grid windows, and retro UV lighting, Bordewijk has a distinctly industrial feel. The menu is packed with colorful, delicious dishes that delight with their unexpected combinations of bursting flavors. This restaurant in the Jordaan is a must for the experimental foodie!

3) Sugoi Sushi
According to many of the locals, this restaurant in Jordaan makes the best sushi in all of Amsterdam! It hasn’t gotten its reputation for nothing; all dishes are made with the freshest, tastiest ingredients, and in the authentic Japanese manner. Every bite is bursting with beautiful flavors, and the service is topnotch too!

4) Toscanini
Serving beautifully prepared, cooked, and presented Italian meals is the art of the Toscanini chefs. The savory breads and pastas are made on location, and all meals are garnished with fresh, aromatic herbs. Of course, it would be a crying shame to miss out on one of Toscanini’s fine Italian wines – the perfect way to compliment the meal.

5) De Reiger
At this restaurant in Jordaan, you can be sure to have a hot meal of the highest quality every time! The decor is tasteful, and tends to lean toward a neo-classical style. A long, wooden bar, heavily draped curtains and the soft lighting all contribute to an atmosphere of warmth and good cheer.

6) Fraîche
One of the greatest aspects of this restaurant in Jordaan is the easy-going atmosphere. The Fraîche chefs, who are also the owners, like to experiment with exquisite flavor combinations, which result magnificently! All dishes are presented like a work of art: carefully garnished, delicately drizzled with sumptuous sauces, and arranged beautifully on gleaming white crockery. Both easy to locate and reasonably priced, Fraîche is definitely worth a visit.

7) Koevoet
This restaurant in Jordaan is one of the area’s best kept secrets. As it is a charming, family-owned restaurant, you can be sure that you will be taken care of, and have one of the best Italian dining experiences in Amsterdam. The food is exquisite, the staff are friendly, and the atmosphere is heartwarming. You simply can’t go wrong!

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