Interesting facts and figures of Amsterdam


Amsterdam has around 180 different nationalities, this is a world record, it is also the only city in the world where there are more bikes than people!
Inhabitants 811.185
Bicycles 881.000 (estimated)
Nationalities 178



Besides a high density population, Amsterdam is the nr 1 city world wide on the point of museum density, this makes this the best choice for any cultural traveler. Besides for example the Dutch national Opera & ballet building and The Royal Palace you also have:
Museums 75
Windmills 8
Historic Church organs 42
Theatre and Concert halls 55
16th, 17th or 18th buildings 8.863
Parks 40
Concerts and theatrical performances per year 9.000


Shopping in Amsterdam

Being the capital of the country, Amsterdam truly offers an shopping experience, fitting all different needs travelers can have. From local flee markets to exclusive brands, in Amsterdam you can find it all!
Shops 6.159
Markets 32
Restaurants 1.325
Restaurant 1.325


Fun facts and figures about the Netherlands (you wonder how you could survive without knowing):

  • Dutch people are the most active twitters in the world, 20% of all tweets world wide come from the Netherlands!
  • The sport bra is Dutch invention.
  • It is illegal to stand next to somebody of the opposite sex who is changing underwear.
  • Dutch people are the tallest in the world, on average: woman 170 cm and man 184 cm
  • 89% of the Dutch people think they deserve more holiday
  • Dutch scientist are busy with developing a hamburger-tree


18 + leisure

If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading this. Amsterdam is of course also famous for its many bars, the red light district and its coffee shops.  
Cafés and bars 1.515
Clubs 16
Prostitues 5.000-7.500
Coffee shops 200

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