Amsterdam airport to city center

If you arrive by plain you will still have to go your stay, planning this ahead can save a lot of stress. There are two common ways of transport from Schiphol to Amsterdam, train or taking a taxi. It of course depents on your personal situation, luggage, time of arrival and of course personal preference. Still we would like to inform you about both options.


The trains from Schipol go directly to central station, as well as other parts of Amsterdam. To find out train schedules, visit You have to purchase an OV chip card. Anonymous OV chip cards can be purchased at one of the train ticket machines that are located just before the entrance to the train platforms within the airport. An OV chip card allows you to load a set amount of money on it, which you scan on the OV machines before you use any kind of public transport. They are extremely handy, saving you the hassle of purchasing a ticket each time you use public transport during your stay, just dont forget to check out! Catching a train is our most recommended option for getting from the airport to city center. As is public transport in general during your stay.


There are many taxis waiting outside the exit of the airport, the drivers of which are friendly and helpful. For approximately 40-50 Euros, you can get from the airport to city center with a taxi, depending on where you will be staying. You can book your transport upfront.

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